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At Bluestone, we take great pride in each and every project we undertake.

Here are a few testimonials from our existing customers. We are unable to publicise all company details due to the confidential nature of our work.

Derrick W Parsons, CMIOSH, Project Health and Safety Manager
Bluestone Roofing is proud to announce that we have been selected as a Finalist in the Roof Sheeting category of the UK Roofing Awards 2015. This industry wide event recognises and rewards outstanding standards of workmanship and safety within the roofing industry.This award nomination is in reference to a recently completed project in Wiltshire.

At Bluestone, we are very proud of the fact that the NFRC, National Federation of Roofing Contractors, have chosen our roof cladding works on Hangar 37, Wiltshire, as being worthy of award winning status. This nomination pays testament to our commitment to quality workmanship and high levels of professional service. The event is a great opportunity for Bluestone to mix with our associated professional body and our roofing contractor peers in London, on May 15th 2015 at the Hilton Metropole Hotel. Whether we win the award outright or are highly commended for our efforts, to be chosen from 275 entries and whittled down to just 4 UK wide, is an amazing achievement.

Steve Brown, Project Manager
The roof was in a very poor state of repair, with the single layer of glass fibre fleece & bitumen compound coating, due to age and weather degradation, becoming porous and separating from the roof in places, allowing the roof to leak. The roof construction comprises arched framed steel trusses supporting the reinforced concrete barrel roof. Bluestone was tasked with the design and construction of the over-roofing of the Hanger, which presented an interesting challenge in the system to be used and method of construction for this shape of roof.

The system proposed was Ash & Lacy Ashzip 400 building system, which included Aluminium sheeting, supported on 'Halters', in turn fixed on metal brackets 'top hats'. This allowed for 200mm Glassfibre quit insulation in between with a vapour barrier on the concrete roof. Bluestones designers surveyed the roof and produced comprehensive detailed drawings, including a structural survey with on site pull tests confirming the strength of the concrete for this construction process.

The construction of the roof on site was undertaken by Bluestone in a professional manner over a construction period of 16 weeks compared to the construction period of a similar roof undertaken previously using a different method, taking 24 weeks. Therefore this system was shown to be a more efficient and less disrupted from weather conditions. The sheet metal was delivered to site in rolls and formed into inter-connectable panels and pre curved all using machinery delivered to site for the purpose.

The quality of finish and the construction method has proven suited to this type of roof structure and should be the first choice when going forward with similar types of roof structure in the future; providing a maintenance free roof structure for the long term, with a 25 year warranty.

Project Manager, Debut Services (South West) Limited

Bluestone are one of few companies' that I use that are always professional and positive with their approach in carrying out their work. The professional way the projects are managed is always first class. Work is always done on time, as per programme and to a very high standard.

Their attitude to Health and Safety is always positive and proactive, Their operatives and sub contractors are fully trained to carry out their duties and have a good all round knowledge and commitment to Health and Safety."

When we encounter problems we sit down with their management team and come up with solutions, They are always looking to move the project forward at all times.

Client in Wiltshire
The conduct and organization of the Main Contractor is a prime example of how their Senior Management team operates to the best principles of good practice in the Construction Industry. For the compliance of CDM regulations with regard to site Health and Safety and co-ordination of the work stages, an experiences external H&S consultant/site manager was directly employed for these Projects, together with the Prime Contractors external CDM-C to oversee the works.
Co-operation between all parties was paramount in the success and outcome of the Projects. 

Extract from Reference from Client in Wiltshire
The standard and quality of workmanship and the team’s approach and attitude towards their work were excellent and ensured that we were able to go about out day-to-day duties in a normal fashion, even though time was against your team on occasions due to the bad weather. From my perspective, your team was courteous, efficient and cooperative, and left my unit in a very good condition.

Regular meetings were held with my staff to keep us fully informed of the project’s progress and our expectations were fully managed throughout the period. I am also pleased to say that the recent heavy rains have shown the re-roofing project to have been a success; in fact the bin underneath my own personal office ceiling leak has been returned to stores - not necessarily a major measure of success, but one nonetheless!



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