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Bluestone Drone Flight Roof Surveying

Bluestone are pleased to announce our latest innovation in roofing survey works

We have recently completed our first unmanned drone flight survey filming a military hangar roof in Wiltshire producing amazing results and stunning clarity. All of the roof condition and wind/water damage is clearly visible and now actions to prevent further water ingress can be taken by the client and further action planning decided upon to extend the life of the building.


We use fully qualified licenced pilots, camera operators and gain the full written permission of local authority and military figures. We strongly feel this survey type is a very viable roofing assessment tool.

Comprehensive risk assessments and method statements are produced which eliminate hazards and control any residual risk and all flights are fully supervised by Bluestone management figures.

The benefits of this method of survey are

  • No men are put onto fragile roofs negating the use personal fall protection measures
  • Filming is non-invasive and so no further accidental roof damage is caused due to survey activity
  • No scaffold, MEWP or Cherry Picker costs or inconvenience are involved
  • Large areas of roof or roofs can be covered in a short space of time
  • The client can witness the roof condition or damage for themselves in real time or play back video
  • Still photography, taken during filming, of suspect areas or items gives the client undeniable high definition evidence of damage or weaknesses on the roof
  • Quickly allows for prioritisation of works and budget planning
  • All types of roof can be surveyed


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